Workplace Safety: How to Prepare for a Safe Return to Work


As vaccines are being distributed across the country and restrictions are beginning to lift, more and more employers are preparing for their employees to return to in-office work.

Workplace safety is a major concern right now. It’s your job as an employer to keep employees (and customers, if you have them) safe from COVID-19, so you need to take all of the potential workplace health and safety precautions that you can.

If you’re overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a quick and easy guide on returning to work in a safe and responsible way.

Talk To Your Employees

It’s tempting to want to force employees back when it’s convenient for you, but if you want a truly safe environment it’s important to communicate with them to see what they’re comfortable with. Your business is important, but employees who are nervous to come back will have low morale (which is bad for business). 

Talk to your employees about whether or not they’re ready to return as well as what precautions they would like to see before they come back. Many will be open to conversation when they know you have their best interests in mind. 

Modify Your Floorplan

Depending on your business, try to see if it’s possible to modify your floorplan in such a way that employees won’t be clustered together. The recommended 6-foot distance is a good place to start. You could also put plexiglass between employees who can’t meet that distance. 

If you’re having trouble, consider calling in some professional help to redesign your space with COVID-19 in mind. 

Consider a Staggered Return

Bringing all of your employees in at once is a recipe for disaster when you have a small space to work with. If your employees are working remotely, consider allowing some of them to stay that way until restrictions are lifted.

Again, talk to your employees about who would rather stay remote and who would like to come in. Some people have children who are doing their classes from home, or they have family members who are at-risk. 

Letting employees choose whether or not they come back will free up space in the workplace and keep everyone comfortable. It’s good for everyone.

Meet People At the Door

It’s a good idea to have someone meet employees and visitors (customers or otherwise) at the door. Providing them with a workplace safety training update and equip them with a questionnaire about symptoms as well as a contactless temperature testing device.

It’s also a good idea to keep hand sanitizer and masks at the door for anyone who forgot one at home.

Workplace Safety Has Never Been More Important

Everyone wants a safe return to work. If you want the process to go smoothly, plan out your workplace safety methods ahead of time so you know that there are fewer chances of COVID-19 spread in the office.

You need to prioritize your customer and employee health. 

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