Why Use Video Marketing for Business


Marketing has always been one of the most important supporting pillars of a business model. Any company with a great marketing team and strategy can establish a more profitable business over some time. Marketing methods have changed over time, but the basic role remains the same, to making or breaking the company.

Over the last decade and a half, with the advent of YouTube, videos are counted as a forefront marketing tool. The moment YouTube started gaining traction, marketers realized how crucial videos could be for marketing purposes and branding presence. Hence, there was an outburst of marketing strategies involving videos. Today, videos play a pivotal role in attracting viewers and in converting viewers to buyers. 

Benefits of Video Marketing 

Videos are an excellent way to communicate with your target audience. Through videos, you can easily convey a challenging concept and present it in a way that your viewers will find entertaining yet informative. 

There are many more reasons why you should use video marketing to scale your business. Here are a few to get started with. 

Videos influence buying

Your videos help you get through to your customers simply with the power of engagement. A video that outlines why a client should spend money on your services or products and how it can help them solve their problem can make a huge difference in your career. 

Revenue growth

Videos bring in heavy revenues. They make your ranking shoot up on YouTube and on Google. Using your SEO or search engine optimization tools well can help you earn independently from YouTube alone. Besides, if your videos are good, they will bring you sponsors who will be interested in paying you money for their brand promotion. 

Videos are engaging

Videos help you engage your viewers by entertaining them and making your videos enjoyable. Moreover, you can convey your ideas better and, since your audience can hear and see you, they can comprehend your level of earnestness through your videos. Further still, adding surveys and fun questions to understand the psychology of your viewers can make your videos all the more likable. 

Increase and redirect traffic

Your videos should have the potential to capture your audience. If they can do that, the traffic is bound to increase. Once you have a considerable number of viewers, you can redirect this traffic from YouTube to your website or to your landing page, thereby selling them your services or products. In these cases, the conversion rates are always considerably higher. Try out a video ad maker from InVideo to create engaging and attention grabbing ads to bring interested leads to your website.

Access to more backlinks

Videos give you access to a lot more backlinks than just texts or images. Having more backlinks means better SEO implementation, which, in turn, means better ranking on Google. It is important to know that a better ranking on Google gives you much more traction to scale up your business. 

Increased reach

Videos have always had the reputation of increasing your reach. You will often find your videos getting more views and reach than your regular posts, even on social media platforms. This is because people love watching videos. They love who interactive and entertaining a good video can be. Moreover, videos are great at conveying an emotional message, which is a game-winner for many viewers on social media. 

Videos are great for email marketing

Have you ever sent a cold email to a prospect? If the answer is a ‘yes,’ then, in all probability, you have also been rejected left, right, and center by these people. Here is a tip that will help you make a better impact on your future clients- add videos. Adding ‘video’ to your email subject line can increase the chances of your prospect opening your email by manifolds. 

Videos provoke more likes and shares

We have already spoken about how impactful a good video can be on social media. As true as that is, there is one way to measure the likability of your video creation- likes and shares. People on social media have the tendency to like and share anything that they like. Since most of what the general viewer base likes are videos, the number of likes and shares on these are the highest. If you have images that can be converted into videos, consider using an online free tool like this one here to convert images to videos.


In conclusion, it is important to harp at the importance of videos in the marketing scenario of the world today. Being able to create meaningful videos that can add value to the life of your viewers and clients will not only earn your further buyers but will also give you a loyal following on all your social media platforms and on your YouTube channel. 


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