What Startups Should Look For While Choosing An Onboarding Software


Investing in an employee onboarding software is vital to getting your workers productive and inspired while working at your company.

A bad onboarding experience can cost a hefty sum to organizations, as high turnovers are relatively a collective experience for companies on failing to deliver a reinforced employee onboarding process.

Therefore, choosing the right employee onboarding software that is competent enough to match the expectations of your startup and fuel its growth is paramount.

Your employee onboarding software is a vital resource point for all the necessary data your new starters require.

Not only does it increase productivity, lower training costs, engage your workers, and train them relatively quicker, it also frees up valuable time for your L&D teams to enable them to focus on the core tasks.

The software is extremely beneficial in supporting new starters as-well-as ensuring that they have the best experience.

Choosing An Onboarding Software – Points To Check

Every organization’s requirements are diverse, and the impact your new onboarding software would significantly affect recruits at your startup.


Here are mentioned some key points to ensure what all startups need to consider when opting for a new employee onboarding software –

1. Sort Your Requirements 

Before considering any onboarding software, it is best to understand your startup’s requirements and the necessities.

It can help if you have an idea about all the relevant information that would be needed by your recruits.

Make a list of all the non-negotiable functions your software must have that include specific device requirements or in-app reporting.

Be wary of the must-have functions your onboarding program requires, rather than focusing on the endless lists of features LMSs already have.

2. Get a Demo Before Purchasing

It’s essential to observe any onboarding software in action before investing in it.

You can always ask the vendor for a free trial or demo to ensure that it meets your onboarding programs needs and lives up to your expectations.

The software should also be capable enough to check for any deterrents that could jeopardize your startup.

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  • Set A Budget 

Your budget is undoubtedly a crucial part when picking an employee onboarding software. Solely comparing prices amongst models is not a good ground for comparison.

Instead, you must know the best pricing options for your startup, be that a one-off subscription, pay-per-user, a monthly or annual subscription, or any other payment plans.


The best way to extrapolate the right onboarding software is to pinpoint your ideal spend, as-well-as your maximum budget.

Always keep in mind that the cost of high turnovers is extremely expensive to startups, hence it is definitely worth an investment in a decent onboarding software.

  • User Experience 

The learning experience is of great importance for your new starters when looking for new software. There won’t be any positive results or ROI if nobody engages effectively with the system.

To continue attracting and engaging workers, you need to provide them with a system that enables them to successfully attain their goals, and do their jobs proficiently and quickly.

It is important to note that many onboarding programs begin even before recruits have stepped into your premises.

Therefore, your onboarding software would be their first experience of ‘what it’s like to work here’ and ‘how things are done here.’

  • Check Device Compatibility 

In these technologically revolutionized times, it is obsolete to be waiting for information.

Considering that knowledge can now be accessed with a few clicks, the information you provide your workers with needs to be accessible on a variety of devices and at any time of the day.

Your new starters can then be up-to-speed before even starting their first day at your startup. This, as a whole, would significantly reduce time wastage.

By choosing an onboarding software that is accessible outside of the workplace would help new starters access their learning materials at their own pace and convenience.

  • Reporting And Analytics 

Every onboarding software would offer great reporting functionalities; however, you need to choose the one that fits your startup like a puzzle.

The reporting features must align with your objectives and enlighten you with critical insights to measure the success of your training and be notified about which scheme is working and which one is incompetent.


It would be best if you focus on ways to improve your onboarding program and techniques to give your new starters the 1highest possible experience.

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  • Offered Support

It would take time for you and your team to get used to the functionalities that come with the new onboarding software; thus, you need to know the range of support the vendor provides.

Not everyone would need 24/7 phone support; however, you must keep account of what features are in place, and when can you get in touch with the vendor.

  • Degree of Integration 

It is essential to look for an onboarding solution that can stand alone. Some software out there needs to be integrated with other HR software in your startup manually.

This is an important aspect to consider as consistency within the user interface would assist your new hire significantly when learning to navigate numerous different tools.

If your startup employs a lot of apps and software that your recruits must be familiar with, an integrated employee onboarding software solution is just what you should prefer.

Final Words

From all the tips mentioned above, choosing the best employee onboarding software takes time and meticulous planning.

You need to realize what your new starters genuinely need to succeed in the company and align these goals with your startup.

The benefits that can be gained from a robust onboarding program seem to be endless; thus, you need to take some time to go through every critical aspect to consider mentioned above.

It is also paramount that you ensure giving new starters a fantastic first impression of your startup to attract the cream applicants.


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