What happened to Nick Heidfeld?


As a formula 1 driver you raced previously, with the pace 300 on sharp curves. Now they have three children. You can brake when you drive the family carriage through the street?

I had the good fortune to be able to me on the racetrack live out. Therefore, I don’t have to do it today in normal road traffic.

In the elf formula 1-years, they drove 183 Grand Prix and were eight times the Second. If you have a bad day: which is the memory you get automatically in a good mood?

at The thought of a very special Overtaking during the Grand Prix of Bahrain in 2007. At the time, I sucked me on the Straight in the slipstream of Fernando Alonso’s McLaren ran, drove in the curve on the brake outer so closely beside him that our tires almost touched, accelerated and moved past him. For me, it was a memorable riding moment: it was all very close to the Limit, and went smoothly. In addition, Fernando was a strong opponent, I appreciated very much. He was one of the best formula 1 driver. Unfortunately, he has only won the world Cup twice. I think he deserved more.

Heidfeld, 1977 born in Mönchengladbach, started his racing career at the age of five in Motocross. After an accident, he moved to the karting, where he quickly got the nickname “Quick Nick” and including Michael and Ralf Schumacher took. During his time in formula 1, he came 13 times on the Podium (photo: third at the Grand Prix of Belgium in 2008, in addition to Lewis Hamilton). Later, he drove for the Team Mahindra Racing in formula E. With his partner, Patricia, he has three children.

Previously, they travelled constantly around the globe. In 2011, they ended their formula 1 career. How is your life today?

As a father of a family and I had in the last few years, the desire to spend more time at home in Switzerland. That’s why I went race first long-haul. In 2014, I rose in addition, in the formula E, which are only One-day Events: Usually on the Saturday practice, Qualifying and the race. That’s why I had the hope to be less on-the-go. But it is only executed due to the knock.

And now?

I am this year for some of the F1 races as an expert in a Pay-TV channel. Since the beginning of the year, I’m also a consultant, as well as Test – and reserve driver with my previous Indian formula E Team Mahindra. In addition, I work as a brand Ambassador for the newly founded German-Italian Start-up Automobili Pininfarina. A boy’s dream come true: even as a child, I collected model cars for example Ferrari, which had been designed by the Italian design Studio Pininfarina. And now I am involved in the development of the first E-super sports car, the most about the driving dynamics. This is extremely exciting, also because the car has 1900 HP and 400 stuff. By the end of 2020, it is coming on the market and will cost about two million euros.

For the super rich car Freaks may be a bargain. How come you to this exclusive clientele?

In August, we are in front of the car, for example, in California during the “Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance”. This Event is the world’s largest car Show specifically for classic cars, but hard-to-car fools of the rich from all over the world.

How many fast sports cars are in your Garage?

Honestly, I like classic cars better than newer models. For example, I have a Ford Mustang from 1965 and a classic Porsche 911. Really like I also like my old VW beetle convertible. My mother used to have when I was a child. Beautiful reminder, now sit in it!


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