Top 5 Tips to Buy Car Parts Online


The global online automotive parts industry is a $12 billion market. So, it’s no surprise that everyone is hopping on the bandwagon to start an online car auto parts business, in hopes to be as successful as an Indian automotive company, Boodmo. Since the market is swarming with automobile parts suppliers, it is challenging to know who is genuine and who isn’t. 

Presently, online scams in India are at an all-time high. So, it has become essential to be smart and informed buyers before investing your money in any e-commerce platform. If you are planning to replace your automobile parts using online shopping sites, here are a few tips that will come in handy and keep you away from online scams.   

  • Do your own research

Online purchases are only successful when you are a smart buyer. Most customers have poor online shopping experiences because they aren’t well-informed. Whether you call it a purchase regret or shopping fails, the only thing that suffers is your wallet. 

There is only one way to avoid buying the wrong car parts online. Research! Before you go to the e-commerce website, go to your car’s website. Read up about the parts you are looking to change. You can also find great information in your car’s manual. 

Additionally, avoid buying items that are tagged as ‘bestseller’ by the website if you have little to no clue about them. Compare the available brands on different websites before finalising one. You can also go ahead and speak to some of your local spare parts distributors. Check out the product offline if you need before making the final purchase online. 

  • Check for original packaging and the OEM

Each spare part has an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer number. It determines the authenticity of the product. Most importantly, this number decides if the spare part is compatible with your car. The issue with online shoppers is that they seldom check for this tiny but immensely significant detail before making the purchase. 

Most websites mention the OEM part number along with the additional product information. Correspond this information with what you are looking for. If it matches, you are good to go. 

Remember that even the slightest difference can prove to be incompatible with your car. To avoid this, Boodmo allows you to make your search easier. All you need to do is search for your spare part using your car’s make and model to get an inclusive list of genuine spare parts that are fitting for your car. 

  • Know your return and refund rights

The trickiest part about online shopping is the return policy. If the e-commerce platform isn’t flexible enough, you may get stuck with the wrong or damaged product. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid this issue by simply going through the return and refund policy mentioned under the product. 

For instance, Amazon mentions every product’s return policy right next to the image. Similarly, Boodmo has a clear return remark beside the product information, so you don’t miss it. 

Besides, find out the platform’s return practices. Do they offer free pick up? How long does it take for you to get back your money after you return your product? Do you get store credit or does the money return to your bank account? If the platform’s policies match with yours, go ahead with the purchase.  

  • Go for the relatively smaller supplier brands

It’s difficult for the bigger suppliers to match the pricing of that of the smaller suppliers. The primary reason is that the former spend lakhs of rupees on advertising and marketing activities. These promotional activities make up almost 50% of their budget. Therefore, the only way to gain back the money is by keeping bigger margins on each product. 

On the other hand, spare part sellers like Boodmo don’t splurge on promotions, so they are able to offer better discounts and quotes on their products. Knowing about this small technicality helps you shop for your car’s spare parts with a customer-oriented service provider at a more affordable price point. 

  • Ask for warranty and follow-up service

To be a smart buyer, you ought to know your brands. You can only get a warranty on genuine spare parts and car accessories. So, if your seller is unwilling to give you that, that’s your cue to run towards the exit door. 

Before you click on buy, ensure your supplier offers a 100% warranty on all products. Make sure all your purchases come with an authentication guarantee, so you can enjoy your product for long. Remember that a warranty allows you to determine the durability of the product. Besides, it also increases the credibility of the e-commerce platform. 

Furthermore, you must also confirm whether the supplier offers a follow-up service. Online shopping doesn’t end when you get the product at your doorstep. It is a successful purchase only when you are happy with the performance of your auto parts.

Check for the e-commerce platform’s after service policies. What is their stance on the reliability of their items? If you can count on your supplier to deliver precisely what you see on the website, you can label your purchase as a successful one. 

Be on the lookout for online car scams

In India, thousands of people are scammed every day. From buying spare parts at discounted prices to getting complimentary products, there is no end to the innovative ways through which online platforms scam innocent buyers. 

A simple way to avoid falling prey to online scams is looking for suspicious activities. Is the price too good to be true? Do the perks outweigh the amount you are paying for the actual product? Does the website not appear to be well-made? If you say yes to all, you are being scammed. 

Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, considering paying a few extra bucks to a genuine and established spare part supplier than going for one with zero credibility. Remember, quality comes at a price. And if it’s reasonable enough, don’t shy away from buying the product right away. 


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