Spectrum Internet Plans, Prices, and Speeds in 2021


Spectrum serves around 29 million customers in the U.S. It has its presence in 44 states, making it the third-largest internet service provider in America. Charter Communications own Spectrum and offers a wide array of services and products to its customers. It offers internet, cable TV, phone, and, mobile services using its broadband network. Spectrum’s wide-reaching footprint and reliable service have created loyal customers throughout the country.

The company provides separate internet packages as well as bundle deals to suit most consumer needs. It offers unlimited internet without data caps and is upgrading its speed to reach almost 10 Gbps in 2021.

Spectrum has a wide reach with around 2.2 million customers in New York City alone. The only areas that do not have Spectrum services are North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Alaska, Delaware, Iowa, and Washington D.C. The areas that do have the availability of Spectrum Internet can enjoy glitch-free service with no restrictions on data usage and no contracts to create unwanted bindings.

Let us look at Spectrum’s internet plans, prices, and packages so you can decide if any of them is suitable for your individual needs.

Pricing and plans

Spectrum has some amazing plans for you and your family if you like to stream movies or seasons on the weekends or love spending quality time while gaming. You can get plans with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. These speeds are more than enough to suit anyone without any malfunctions or setbacks. There is a free modem with all these plans and the equipment is completely tested and passed by technical standards. You will have to rent the router on your own though.

One problem is that if you do not want super speeds or require a plan that is low cost then that will not be possible with Spectrum. Therefore, it is something that the company needs to consider. There should be a plan to cater to people coming from all lifestyles and all needs. A solo gamer or a simple web surfer should have the opportunity to choose from a low budget package.

Here is a detail of the plans that Spectrum is offering on a monthly basis for the year 2021:

Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet Standard Starting at $49.99 Cable 200 Mbps 10 Mbps No Cap No
Spectrum Internet Ultra Starting at $69.99 Cable 400 Mbps 20 Mbps No Cap No
Spectrum Internet Gig Starting at $109.99  Cable 940 Mbps 35 Mbps No Cap No

Spectrum internet speeds

The customers can choose from the mentioned three plans as per their requirements. All three plans are cable internet and you can decide between these three by focusing on the number of devices that you want to connect.

There aren’t many plans that Spectrum is offering but the ones that are there are enough for streaming and even multiplayer gaming. A regular family of parents and kids can easily enjoy the 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps plan without hiccups. However, if there are more people in the household with multiple devices working at the same time then the 400 Mbps plan will be more suitable. Whereas, a large family who loves streaming and gaming while connecting various gadgets can get more juice out of the Gig plan.

Spectrum is also good in terms of its low latency because lower values simply suggest that if you are into online gaming, there will be less lag in gameplay. Additionally, since the packet loss is less, the connection will be stronger and there is little chance for a messed up sound quality during video chats or conferences.

Data caps, contracts, equipment, and fees

  • No data cap ensures seamless service without any worries of how much data you download or stream throughout the entire month. The initial price for the standard package may change according to your area but there will not be much difference.
  • Since there are no contracts, you are not bound to continue with the services for a set amount of time. There are no termination/cancellation fees. This is perfect in case you plan on moving/relocation to somewhere new, which may or may not have Spectrum services.
  • A Spectrum internet connection comes with its own modem, free of charge. This is a good option because most companies charge separately for a modem, from anywhere around $10 to $20.
  • Spectrum charges a reasonable fee for Spectrum Standard and Ultra plans. Although, their Giga plan can cost you a hefty installation fee.

How to get Spectrum internet

  • You first have to check if the service is available in your specific area.
  • Look at the internet plans and choose the one that will suit you or your family the best.
  • You can call Spectrum’s customer service number or click here at Charter Spectrum Internet Plans to find out in detail about the offered services.
  • Once you are done with the basic itinerary, you can opt for either company or self-installation.  

Further 2021 updates

While all the above-mentioned services will be available to all the present and future customers, new customers can benefit greatly from a few new additions. They may find themselves eligible for Spectrum’s Remote Education Program. This offer promises free in-home Spectrum Internet as well as Wi-Fi for two months in a row. This is especially amazing during the current pandemic as most schools are on lockdown and studies are happening through online classes. If the company finds you eligible then you may also get a free self-installation kit.

Since there is a promise of better speeds for the coming New Year, some Spectrum customers may require new modems to cater to the new faster speeds. The company will not charge any extra fees for new modems. Spectrum will contact those customers who require the new modem and they will receive updates about all the details for the upgraded device.


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