Should You Use Digital Marketing Test in Recruitment?


As the world is digital oriented, there is no doubt that you too want digital marketing experts in your organization. If you are hiring digital marketing experts, you must recruit them tactfully. You cannot simply have anyone on board. One thing that more and more organizations are doing is they are hiring digital marketing test. Such a test ensures that the candidates get measured in the most effective, dynamic and unbiased manner.

People have witnessed the upheaval of marketing from conventional to digital. Digital marketing has fetched change in the promotion of products, services via diverse forms of digital tools and channels. It alters the power and position of firms in the market, produces data that can be used to tap target audiences. As the need of every company is to hire a digital marketing expert to tackle its digital reputation and has a strong grasp of present-day marketing tools, strategies to develop, implement, track and even optimize digital marketing campaigns.

But, when talking about choosing the premium talent for digital marketing based on practical knowledge rather than that of skills being communicated verbally or reported in resume becomes a bit challenging for recruiters. It gets crucial that you assess the skills and caliber of your candidates before you pick them for digital marketing roles. After all, their skills would play a great role in your future growth. 

Check the digital marketing skills-

Digital marketing is a procedure wherein marketing meets the internet to spread relevant information to prospective & current customers. It is an extremely huge area and it contains SEO. Content, marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, Pay-Per-click (PPC), marketing automation, native advertising, email marketing, and online PR. To check such types of skills in the candidates you can use a digital marketing special test that has exclusively made to evaluate and assess the credibility of the candidates. The test would validate the effectiveness of the candidates. For example, have a look at a few of the many skills that are needed in digital marketing below.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms have a crucial role in brand awareness, opportunity to form up new customers, and fetching acquired customers. To make the maximum use of these platforms to add to your income quotient, you must take the assistance of a social media marketer who would make use of different tactics to promote your products and services on different social media platforms. The following are a few of the many skills that you must check in a social media marketing expert.

  • Essential knowledge of social media marketing tools
  • Expertise creating campaigns using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Brilliant analytical skills
  • Brilliant writing and communication skills
  • Innovative & Innovative thinking

Measuring these skills is a challenging job. A single interview would be not enough to measure all the above-mentioned skills of applications. So, the point is why not just get smarter here and avail test that measures it all for you? You can always stay away from bad hiring if you use smart options. The test would measure all the skills of the digital marketing candidates and ensure that you have the idea about their caliber and skills.

The point is you can always use the test to recruit:

  • Social Media Specialist
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Social Media Expert
  • Social Media Executive
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Social Media Consultant

These ready to use test questions are specifically designed and validated by subject matter professionals and experts. These are the unique and dynamic tests that would help you in assessing the digital marketing skills and practical knowledge of candidates in a quicker and effective manner.

Google AdWords

Everyone knows that the marketing world has changed massively in recent years and Google is one of the most preferred and favored search engines used for paid advertisement. Google AdWords is a tool that would help anyone to target people who are searching for products, services or information,  that are most relevant to the business. A talented and skilled AdWords professional must be hired to plan, execute and manage all your paid ad campaigns.  The following are a few of the many skills that you must test the expertise of the candidates.

  • In a position to create excellent ad copy
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Ability to create ad campaigns (Search, Remarketing, Display, Video, Shopping ads)
  • Bidding Methods & Bid Adjustments
  • General knowledge of Google Analytics

To measure above mentioned skills, you can use a digital marketing expert specialist in Google AdWords. In this way you can practically and scientifically measure the practical workings kills of the candidates’ you would get to know about the level of knowledge and skills the candidates have. Moreover, always remember that you can always make the customized tests too that have questions or areas that you want the test to have. In this way you can customize the test as per the needs of the organization. The point is clear, once you have a test that targets the core skills of the candidates, you would evaluate them in the best manner. And the remaining things that you want to know about the candidates, you can inquire about it during the personal interview segment. In this manner, the candidates get evaluated in the best and most powerful manner.

An important thing that you should understand here is that you must be thoughtful about the candidates you are picking. You cannot simply go as per the face value, lip service or the attractive degrees or certifications mentioned in the resume of the candidates. You must check the skills and caliber of the candidates right there and then to reject or approve them.


So, you can use a good digital marketing test and ensure that you recruited only the qualified, skilled, agile and effective digital marketing experts. Your recruitment should never be a burden on the organization, and you can ensure it by having a powerful test.


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