Shibu Movie Review And Rating | Karthik Ramakrishnan, Anju Kurian


Shibu is a musical-romantic comedy movie. The character’s name is the same as the movie title. The protagonist is desperately hoping to be a part of the film industry. Unlike any other film enthusiasts who aim to become an actor. Shibu aspires to be a director.

Especially director of Superstar Dileep movie. The story gains pace when something unexpected happens in the middle of a short film shoot directed by Shibu. Even this twist is a humorous one. Says Bijukuttan without giving away the suspense of the movie. He is acting as Shibu’s uncle who wishes to be an actor. While working on his career path, he meets a girl, Kalyani, who supports his dreams.

Movie NameShibu
GenreRomance, Drama
CastKarthik Ramakrishnan, Anju Kurian, Salim Kumar, Bijukuttan
DirectorArjun Prabhakaran & Gokul Ramakrishnan
Music DirectorSachin Warrier, Vignesh Baskaran
Cinematographer Shabeer Ahammed
ProducerAnu Reshmi Bhaskaran
BannerKAARGO Cinemas
Release Date19th July, 2019
Runtime145 minutes

The shooting of the movie is mostly done at Palakkad. As a movie aiming at Family audience, this movie is full of funny comedy and a feel-good story. Gokul a director in his 20’s and his friend is behind this movie. He clarifies, “the movie is not a Dileep fans movie. It is just part of the story. This is not at all about the actor, the story plot is entirely different than the speculations coming up about this movie”

The leading actor Karthik Ramakrishnan is chosen especially because he is a new face. The movie is already recognized because of the actor’s outstanding performance, stunning scenery, songs, etc. The movie will be distributed by UK studios in association with Uday Krishnan. He is famous for writing ‘Pulimurukan’ best movie yet in the Kerala film industry. Before this movie, they distributed ‘Mathura Raja’ another 100 Crore Club movie. Shibu movie is expected to keep the quality of its predecessors.

Karthik and Anju Kurian play the lead pair. Karthik is a newcomer and Anju Kurian had previously acted in Nivin Pauly’s ‘Premam’ and ‘Om Shanti Oshana’.

Review Of Shibu

What a story it was!! Absolute bliss to watch the lead pair Karthik Ramakrishnan and Anju Kurian on the big screen. The breezy love story is a must-watch. One needs to definitely watch the chemistry between the characters.

And now lets come to the music, Sachin Warrier and Vignesh Baskaran have done a remarkable job. It was an absoute pleasure watching the visuals go along with the music. Cinematographer Shabeer Ahammed did a tremendous job with the visuals.

Finally, I want to thank the directors Arjun Prabhakaran & Gokul Ramakrishnan, for giving us this movie. It’s not only a love story, Shibu’s struggle to become a filmmaker was inspiring to watch. The movie has a fair share of ups and downs just like anyone’s life. What an experience it was watching this movie. Do watch this movie with your friends and family. Congratulations and thanks to team Shibu.

My Rating: 4/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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