Saaho / Sahoo Day 8 Collection – Saho 8th Day Box Office Collections Worldwide Gross, Net and Share


Saaho / Sahoo Day 8 Collection: Saaho has been one of the most anticipated films since it was first announced. The film starring Prabhas, who is famous for his role in Bahubali has not failed to entertain the viewers. Saaho is a perfect culmination of action, drama, romance, and thrill. Saaho is the movie one can never fail to watch again and again.

In this film, Prabhas is playing the role of a cop named Saaho. Saaho’s father was CEO of ROY group, and in the film Saaho will be seen using the jetpack to fight against drug mafia and free the nation from evil.

It’s been a week since the release of the movie and has been a great success since the very first day. The initial budget of the film is about Rs. 300 crore. The film was shot in Austria, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Romania and other parts of Europe. A large part of the budget was spent to shoot the action scenes in the film. International stunt coordinator Kenny Bates was brought in to choreograph the action scenes.

Sahoo / Saaho Day 8 Collection:

saaho collection

Saaho Day Wise Box Office Collections

Day 1: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 89.00 Cr

Day 2: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 55.10 Cr

Day 3: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 56.78 Cr

Day 4: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 28.80 Cr

Day 5: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 15.60 Cr

Day 6: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 12.28 Cr

Day 7: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 11.80 Cr

7 Days World Wide Net Collections: ₹ 268.56 Cr Cr

7 Day World Wide Gross Collections: ₹385.00 Cr

Saaho Day 8 World Wide Collections (Net)

Telugu States: 3.5 crores

Karnataka: 0.9 crores

Tamilnadu: 0.7 crores

Kerala: 0.2 crores

Hindi Markets: 4 crores

Total India: 9.7 crores

Worldwide: 10.05 Cr

Total 8 Days World Wide Net Collections: ₹ 280.60 Cr Crores

Apart from Bahubali: The beginning and Bahubali: The conclusion, Saaho has been the third consecutive biggest opener from Prabhas. It’s been a week since the movie is set on the big screen, let’s see for how long the movie will continue to run in the cinemas.


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