Sahoo / Saaho Collection Day 21 – Saho 21st Day Box Office Collections Worldwide & India


It has been 21 days since the release of Saaho now and generally people forget the movie after one week of the release or one week after watching the movie. But, surprisingly this instance didn’t work with Saaho. People are still interested in knowing about the box office collections of Saaho event at the 21st day of its release.

Obviously, Sahoo has not been a general movie as others and the movie was criticized a lot at the initial release but now it really seems that the audience of Saaho wants that the movie makes a good amount of Box Office Collection.

21st Day Box Office Collections of Saaho

Saaho Review

Saaho made a good amount of collections in its first week. Afterward due to the criticize and the negative reviews on the movie so we saw a decline in the collections, and in the middle, we even saw a rise in the collections sometimes but they were temporary. Let’s see how much Sahoo has done until now.

Weekly Box Office Collections of Saaho

  • First Week Box Office Collections: 200.88 Crores
  • Second Week Box Office Collections: 90.42 Crores
  • Third Week Box Office Collections: 19.30 Crores

The total Box Office Collection: 313.2 Crores

Daily Box Office Collections of Saaho

  • 18th Day Box Office Collections: 0.80 Crores
  • 19th Day Box Office Collections: 0.72 Crores
  • 20th Day Box Office Collections: 0.65 Crores
  • 21st Day Box Office Collections: 0.60 Crores

Saaho’s Collection is near to break down now. What do you think? How much is going to make in total? Share with us in the comments section.


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