Saho / Saaho Collection Day 22 – Sahoo 22nd Day Box Office Collections Worldwide & India

Saaho is one of the movies that had proven no one can predict how long a movie can run even with a mediocre story. Even with many negative reviews from experienced critics and audience as well. Every one of them predicting the movie to leave the theatres on week three. The collections are not much appealing, yet holding onto the market is a notable achievement.
The movie was not meeting the expectations of the fans and bad words prevailed from the day one of release.

Saho / Saaho Collection Day 22

Week-wise WorldWide Box Office Collections of Saaho (Net)

  • 1st Week:  ₹ 200.88 Crores
  • 2nd Week: ₹ 90.42 Crores
  • 3rd Week:  ₹ 19.30 Crores

Gross Box-office collections until 3 Weeks: ₹ 310.6 Crores.

No expertise is necessary to notice the avalanches in the collection records from week one to week 3.

Week 4 Day-wise collections of Saaho (Net)

  • Day 18: ₹ 0.80 Cr
  • Day 19: ₹ 0.72 Cr
  • Day 20: ₹ 0.65 Cr
  • Day 21: ₹ 0.60 Cr
  • Day 22: ₹ 0.60 Cr

There are two more days left in this week. The chances for any improvement in collections are entirely low. But the collection records of the previous days show that it is not changing that much and is almost statically staying in a 0.50 plus Crore mark. If this trend continues the movie will be the highest-grossing movie of this year in many state movie industries.

Today Valmiki of Varun Tej has released and a furthermore diffusion of attention can happen. The unavailability of tickets for this movie can make the audience to watch Saaho. Even movies like Nani’s Gang leader, Dream Girl, etc are there as more better alternatives.

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