Saho / Saaho collection day 25 – Sahoo Box Office Worldwide & India


Sahoo / Saaho, an Indian action thriller film starrer south superstar Prabhas and Bollywood actress, Shraddha Kapoor has started his journey in week 5 today.

Many predictions have been made by critics and media about the closing of the film by the end of week 4, but actually it didn’t happen.

The film is still running successfully in many theaters across the country. However, its occupancy rate in theaters might be disappointing as day by day its occupancy rate in theaters are diminishing, but still, the audience is still excited to know about its collections.

Saaho week wise Box Office Collections (Net)

saaho collection

Coming to the numbers, the film has collected gross of 200.88 crores in 1st week which includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, 90.42 crores in 2nd week, 19.30 crores in 3rd week and 4.47 crores in 4th week i.e., gross of 315.07 crores in four weeks.

Saaho Week 5 Box Office Collections (Net)

On the first day of week 5, the film has made a worldwide gross collection of 0.30 crores which almost 60 percent drop in collections as compared to the last day of week 4 i.e., Sunday.

Maybe the reason for this drastic drop in the collections in one day is Monday, the first working day of the week so, most of the audience is busy in their work.

Concluding it with a positive talk, we hope that this will perform better in the upcoming days because the film only needs to collect gross of 290 crores to come to the break-even point, that means the film is already moved into profits.

With weekdays ahead, we will have to wait for the upcoming collections, so that, we will the final figure which film has collected.


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