Saaho / Sahoo Day 6 Collection – Saho 6th Day Box Office Collections Worldwide – Prabhas Film is shattering box office


Day 6 Collection of Saho /Sahoo: There is no doubt in telling that the super action movie Saho / Saaho beaten the records in the box office. But now the daily collection of Saho / Saaho is decreasing so we can say that the downfall has started. On Tuesday there was a little downfall, but on Wednesday we can totally say that there is a drop in the collection.

We know that on the reviews of Saho / Saaho the audience gave very mixed reviews. Of all the reviews most of the reviews where negative and this is why the criticism is the reason for the drop in the collection. And even the fans of Prabhas are not happy and are disappointed with the movie.

Saaho Trailer released

Saaho Day Wise Box Office Collections

Day 1: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 89.00 Cr
Day 2: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 55.10 Cr
Day 3: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 56.78 Cr
Day 4: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 28.80 Cr
Day 5: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 15.60 Cr

5 Days World Wide Net Collections: ₹ 245.28 Cr
5 Day World Wide Gross Collections: ₹350.00 Cr

Saaho Day 6 World Wide Collections (Net)

Telugu States: 5 crores
Karnataka: 1.7 crores
Tamilnadu: 1.2 crores
Kerala: 0.5 crores
Hindi Markets: 8 crores
Total India: 15 crores
Worldwide: 17 crores

Total 6 Days World Wide Net Collections: ₹ 258 Crores

These amount of collections are just gathered from different sources so these are just estimates of how much collection has Saho / Saaho made, so this cannot be guaranteed that these numbers are totally accurate.

We have already seen a drop in the collections and it is going to be in the coming days. This is bad news for the makers of Saho / Saaho and it is going from now.

It seems like due to the negative reviews and the criticism are taking effect. But as you know the stardom of Prabhas didn’t let the movie’s collection go down for the first four days. The hype of the film for taking a time of 2 years of making was also a reason that the collection didn’t go down for the first four days. 

So we have already seen the starting of the downfall for the collections of Saho / Saaho. The movie will have to collect at least 290 crores to get back as much as they had invested. What do you think is going to happen in the coming days? Will Saho / Saaho be able to collect enough collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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