Saaho / Sahoo Day 4 Collection – Saho 4th Day Box Office Collections Worldwide, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil


One of the most expensive movies ever made in the country and Pan India, Saaho did receive mixed reviews from the critics and the audience alike. The box office experts predicted that the mixed reviews would affect the box office collection of the movie.

On the other hand, the experts also suggest that on Monday the movie will not be able to garner much attention in the box office. So did the film fail to collect a massive collection in the box office on Monday? The answer lies right ahead.

The cast of Saaho

The film has been directed and written by an acclaimed film director Sujeeth. In addition to this, the movie also stars The Bahubali, Prabhas and uptown Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor. The film has been released across 6,000 distinctive screens across the world.

The movie also stars Jackie Shroff and Mahesh Manjrekar in notable roles. The production of the film has a budget of around. According to sources, the theatrical rights of the movie has been reportedly sold for 290 crores. Moreover, the movie has been released in four languages, namely, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam across the world.

Saaho Trailer released

The box office collection of Saaho in 4 days:

1st Day Box-Office Collection:

Telugu States: 52.1 crores

Tamil Nadu: 3.8 crores

Karnataka: 11.6 crores

Kerala: 1.2 crores

Bollywood Market: 31.4 crores

USA: 10.6 crores

Total Collection in India: 100.1

Worldwide: 15 crores

2nd Day Box-Office Collection

Telugu States: 56.3 crores

Tamil Nadu: 3.8 crores

Karnataka: 13.9 crores

Kerala: 1.2 crores

Bollywood Market: 25.2 crores

Total Collection in India: 104.8 crores

3rd Day Box Office Collection

Telugu States: 48.8 crores

Tamil Nadu: 2.7 crores

Karnataka: 11.3 crores

Kerala: 0.9 crores

Bollywood Market: 29. 48

Worldwide: 95 crores

4th Day Box Office Collection

Telugu States: 30 crores

Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi: 80 crores approximately

Bollywood Market: The experts predict that Saaho will collect 15 crores.

The accumulation of Saaho’s box-office collection are taken from distinctive sources. There is a highly likely chance that the numbers might vary.

In four days, Saaho has collected around Rs. 380 Crores, given that the share of the film is around 190 crores. By the looks of it, Saaho needs Rs 290 crores more to breakeven as far as the shares are concerned.


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