Moviesflix Website 2020 – 480p 720p 300MB Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio Movies – Is it Safe & Legal?


Moviesflix: This is an era of internet and oat of the people love to steam the latest movies online on their gadgets. But people at not bounded to the film only, the entertainment cycle has increased its range to the latest documentaries, web series, etc.

Moviesflix is one of those sites that provide free movies, web series and documentaries online. But most of the people do not know about this kind of sites much. So we are here to inform you about Moviesflix, how it started and is it safe to use the website for movie download etc. Let’s s the following points and learn about it. 

What is Moviesflix?

Moviesflix is a popular torrent website for its availability of movies, web series, and documentaries. The site has a lot of popular TV shows and has helped several people enjoy their free time with them. The website usually uploads every movie almost within one week of its release. But the site’s specialty is that you can get any web series or documentaries you want once you search it here.  

History Of The Website

The website started as a small one with few Bollywood and Hollywood films on it. And as time passed, the owners kept uploading the latest movies and increased the site’s popularity. And eventually, as time passed the site has grown one of the most popular torrent websites on the internet. The site has grown more and more popular as it kept uploading and updating its content. But as the government has their eye on it, they block it time and again but the owners also have changed the active URL of the site and kept it going. 

How does the website work?

A group of people with a secret identity operates the website. They upload the content there and gains attention from the free movie downloaders. More and more customers keep coming to the site as they keep uploading new and latest content to the website. This way, more ads come to the site, and the owners earn money. 

Is downloading a movie on Moviesflix safe?

Moviesflix is a torrent website that leaks the movies, web services, etc. illegally. So when you download any content from this website, you are also participating in illegal activity. And as this is a punishable offense according to the rule of government, you may face some illegal situation for his activity. So using this site to download movies is not safe. 

Is it legal to use the website?

Using this site for movie download is illegal as per law directed by the Indian government. Not only this site, participating in any piracy activity on the internet is illegal. So using this site also includes participating in piracy. We prefer to strictly avoid the site online to avoid the website and use the legal website for movie download. 

Alternative websites of Moviesflix:

Special features of Moviesflix

Despite several websites staying in view, most users choose Moviesflix as their first choice when it comes to free movie download or streaming of any web series. But this popularity does not come by luck. There are several special features of the website that makes this the first choice of users. Let’s see what those features in the following points are. 

  • One of the best characteristics of the site is you can download or stream your favorite movie. There is some website that allows the free downloading of the movies but does not allow the users to download it. Similarly, some sites allow people to stream the movie, but you can not download it. But Moviesflix allows both streaming and downloading of movies free of cost. 
  • There are movies from different domains on this website. The owners not only upload Hollywood or Bollywood movies. They upload the popular Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies too. This helps the website attract visitors from all types of people. 


In this article, we have no intention of promoting Moviesflix or any other torrent website. Using these sites is illegal and potentially dangerous. So we prefer you to accept the legal means to download movies online and stay safe.



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