MLWBD website 2020 – Download HEVC 480p 720p 1080p Dual Audio Movies online – is it legal?


There is plenty of website online which allows different people to download free movies online. And there is a craze among the people too about those websites. But few are their whole know appropriately about the sites and different information on those. So here we have brought an article about one of the most famous Hollywood and Bollywood movie download websites. Let’s go through the following points and learn about it. 

What is MLWBD?

MLWBD is a top Bollywood and Hollywood movie downloading websites of the time. The site uploads the recent contents of Bollywood and Hollywood universe and helps the people to download it for free. The website uploads the material in the HD form and helps the person enjoy the film better. 

History of MLWBD

This has a long history. When the website started, the site has a few movies in its library. But after a specific time, the website keeps uploading the content regularly, and as time proceeded, the site kept updating its library with top hits. This attracted more people to come and visit the website. Hence this is how the website worked hard and gained its place of where it is today.  

How does the website work?

A group of people with a secret identity operates the website from an undisclosed location. As the website uploads more content, it attracts more attention to the users. This way, the influx of people increases d the arrival of ads. The owners earned money from these ads. And though the government blocks the website time and again the owners still manage to change the active URLs and keep the website going on. 

Is it safe to access MLWBD?

Using the website means accessing the illegal content on the internet. And as piracy is a punishable offense, you may have to face the punishment allotted by the law. And if not this, the website puts your data at risk of exposure in front of the hackers. So it is better to avoid this kind of site. 

Is it legal to use MLWBD? 

It is illegal to use any piracy content. So when you access the illicit content piracy on the website, you are participating in the unlawful activity of the internet. So we prefer that you use the legal sites to download movies. 

Alternative website available to MLWBD

What is the specialty of MLWBD?

There are specific reasons that the website has turned out to be one of the best among all the other sites. So we have researched on that point and learns some facts about it. Let’s find out the specialty of the website in the following article. 

  • The website has it’s own telegram channel. The site keeps its users updated about the new release of the movies, uploading of movie eff on it. The website also takes the movie request there. And if nothing else you can stay ell updated once you join their channel. 
  • It has sorted its movies in libraries in different genres. There are genres like drama, fantasy, sci-fi, action, war, horror, thriller, murder, vampire, love, family, children, etc. The movies are enjoyable both alone and with family. So this is another main reason that people choose the site. As the site itself help them find a film as their mood is even when they don’t know what to watch. 


We inform you that this article does not intend to promote any piracy content. We want to inform the people about this website. And we want to inform you that you better avoid this dangerous stuff and use the legal websites to download movies and TV shows. 


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