Jio Rockers Website 2020 – Watch New Tamil Movies HD Download – Is it safe and Legal ?


Jio rockers is an online platform that is solely committed for downloading of Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies in full HD formats. This website is also named a Kutty movie website. JioRockers are only meant to download movies and watch them live. The site includes all types of Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil movies.

JioRockers come under the category of pirated sites. The several formats of the film are all stacked on this website such as 360p, 480p, 1080p, BDRip, HD movies. The most popular format is 720p, which is downloadable by most of the people. This JioRockers is the most popular website which has all movies in HD quality. The Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies are stacked up on the website for free download.

The main reason why piracy websites like JioRockers and others get so popular is that they make the movies and shows available soon after their release and that too for free. People don’t have to pay any money to subscribe or watch or download so they choose this option overpaying money in theatres. They don’t realize how this thing is going to affect movie makers and box-office collection of the film. 

The film industry suffers a loss of over $3 billion per year because of piracy. Piracy is banned in many countries including India, the USA, and many more. There are strict policies against piracy but still, these websites exist.  

History Of JioRockers 

When a film hits the theatres, people find it difficult to watch their favorite movies within a period. They look for something approachable which does not expense any effort. The JioRockers have different names such as Telugu rockers, Tamil rockers, Kannada rockers, and Hindi rockers.

These websites are the most popular illegal torrent websites which are used for downloading of Tamil movies. In JioRockers, the users can find their desired movie and watch it later in HD format. Anyone can find their favorite movies in JioRockers and download it or live stream on the website as per the choice of user. 

How Does JioRockers Work? 

JioRockers website has a user-friendly interface that enables there users to download their favorite movies easily. The owners of JioRockers operate this website from undisclosed areas and use the ad network for income. The users can search their desired movies and watch it or download it. Ads are found on every page of the website where the user visits. As soon as the users click on the poster of the film, the movie page opens, and anyone can click it and download it. The user can go for any of the movies in this jio rocker website. To download any of the films, the user has to go within many pages of the website. 

JioRockers New Domain Names and Proxies 2020

As we have mentioned earlier, JioRockers is an illegal pirated website. There have been several attempts by cybersecurity to block the website but Jiorockers like other pirated websites re-emerge with new domain names. To protect their website JioRockers like other pirated websites keeps changing their domain name. Some of the active links of 2020 JioRockers are mentioned below. 

  • JioRockers.south
  • JioRockers.commerce

Recent Leaks Made By JioRockers 

Jiorockers uploads all the latest shows and movies soon after their release. The JioRockers leak many of the blockbuster Telugu and Tamil movies which are uploaded on the website for free downloading. These are the following: 

  • Vadaladu 
  • The angry bird’s movie 2 (2019)
  • RDX love (2019) 
  • Rama Chakkani Seetha (2019) 
  • Mr. Kk (2019) 
  • Kousalya Krishnamurthy (2019) 
  • Gang Leader (2019) 
  • The Lion King (2019) 
  • Ee Maya Peremito (2018) 
  • Evvarikee Cheppoddu (2019 ) 
  • Ismart Shankar (2019)
  • Men In Black: International (2019)
  • Bright Burn (2019) 

Alternatives To JioRockers 

  • As Jiorockers is termed as torrent and pirated website so, downloading movies from its website is not termed as legal. So, options to JioRockers are looked upon. The following is the list of other options: 
    • Amazon prime 
    • Netflix 
    • Zmovies 
    • Sony Liv 
    • B4U movies 
    • Popcorn film
    • ALT Balaji 

Categories Of Movies Leaked By JioRockers

  • There are categories of movies that are leaked by JioRockers on its website for free downloading. These movies are uploaded in the form of HD versions and a good view. Users of this website can choose from various resolution formats, there desired one, and download it from there. The categories are all included in the site for free downloading. 
  • There are several categories of movies that are there on the JioRockers website. The following are the categories of the film which are there in JioRockers website: 
    • Kannada movies 
    • Malayalam movies 
    • Latest Tamil movies 
    • Hindi dubbed movies 
    • Telugu movies 
    • Hindi dubbed movies 
    • Hollywood Dubbed Movies
    • Shows
    • Web Series
    • Documentaries

Specialties Of JioRockers Website 

  • There are several specialties of JioRockers regarding movie uploads. There are many features or specialties which are unique to JioRockers. The following are the features of JioRockers which are unique to it : 
    • There are various resolutions of movies that are uploaded on the jio website, which can be chosen by the user. 
    • The various movie categories are there in JioRockers for free downloading. 
    • Jio rocker’s website has a mobile-friendly interface which enables a better view. 
    • The various Tamil movies are there on the JioRockers website. 
    • The ad network of JioRockers makes this website popular among websites. 
  • Following are some of the URLs of JioRockers in 2020: 


Is It Safe To Access JioRockers? 

No, it is not safe at all. The JioRockers is a pirated website where downloading is executed in illegal ways. These types of sites are banned in India as per the government rules. The website still gets but downloading movies from it is not considered illegal. The Indian government can punish people who opt for downloading movies from these websites according to the law of anti-piracy. People are advised not to download any movie from these websites as it can lead to the user in trouble. 

Is It Legal To Use JioRockers? 

Downloading movies or watching movies from this site is not considered as legal as they are against the law. The piracy law of the country is well accustomed to prevent these sites from proliferating. Still, it works. If he or she is caught downloading or watching movies from these types of websites, the government is authorized to punish that individual. So it is advised to people, not to use these types of websites for any purposes. 

According to the anti-piracy laws of India pirating any copyright, content is a punishable offense. If someone is found guilty of doing so will have to go to court to prove his/her innocence. If the person is found guilty then he/she will be sent to jail for a time period of six months to three years or the person will have to pay a compensation amount of 50,000 to 2,00,000 rupees. 


The above-listed content is written just to create awareness among the viewers. We, as a respected firm, do not support these types of websites such as JioRockers. People should avoid using such sites for downloading and watching movies as this is a pirated torrent website. It is a crime under Indian law to steal or pirate the original content of any manufacturer without permission.



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