Important Tips on How To Survive A Heat Wave


Knowing how to overcome a heat wave is very important, especially if we take into account that these sudden changes in temperature have become very frequent in recent summers. Abrupt climate transitions generate greater risks to our health.

Overcoming a heat wave is not something from another world. It is enough to take some basic measures so that these sudden temperature increases do not affect us significantly. These guidelines should be applied with special rigor in the case of children and the elderly, who are the most vulnerable to climate.

There are places where temperatures rise steeply to 40 degrees or more. If you do not take the appropriate measures to overcome a heat wave, you can have many problems, from dehydration and heat stroke to muscle spasms and failures in different organs.

The best way to overcome a heat wave is by following these tips:

Permanent hydration and adequate clothing

heat wave

When there is a high temperature, constant hydration is a mandatory measure. It is best to drink pure water, better if it is fresh out of the refrigerator. The other drinks, especially if they contain a lot of sugar, will only make you thirstier.

Fruit juices are also advisable, especially if sugar is not added. Alcohol, in any of its forms, is not advised. It is necessary to emphasize that you must constantly hydrate, even if you do not feel thirsty.

Likewise, it is essential to wear suitable clothing to withstand high temperatures. The most appropriate is to use natural fiber garments such as cotton, as they facilitate perspiration. Light colors are also recommended, as they reflect heat instead of concentrating it.

Overcome a heat wave at home

It is best not to leave home at times of higher temperature. If it is inaccessible, then it is appropriate to look for places with shade. It is preferable to stay in buildings or enclosed areas that have air conditioning.

And speaking of air conditioning, this is a great ally to overcome a heatwave. However, it must be handled properly. The correct thing is to keep it at a temperature between 22 and 25 degrees since if it is colder it can lead to colds or other discomforts.

If you are at home, lower all blinds during the hottest hours and close the windows. This will prevent the heat from concentrating inside the house. From 9 or 10 at night it is a good idea to open the windows for a couple of hours, to take advantage of the nightly cool.

The appliances and the light

Among the advantages that summer has, is to provide more hours of light than at any other time of the year. Therefore, it is best not to turn on the lights until it is really necessary. The lights produce heat and that is precisely what we should avoid.

Something similar happens with household appliances. Even if they are not on, if they are connected to electricity, they give off heat. Not that they generate high temperatures, but added multiply the sensation of heat. Therefore, it is most convenient to disconnect them and use them only if strictly necessary.

Homemade tricks against the heat

There are several very simple steps you can take to overcome a heat wave successfully. There are some tricks that can help you in that purpose. The following are some of them:

  • Do not use makeup: Creams and body lotions contain elements that retain heat. Therefore, it is best not to use makeup, or at least use the least amount possible.
  • Do not eat copiously: Abundant foods generate metabolic heat and this increases body temperature. Try to eat only light dishes, several times a day.
  • Get wet when necessary: If you feel very hot, put some cold water on your neck, wrists and forehead. They are points where it is easier to regulate the temperature.
  • Protect yourself when you leave: If you are going out, it is best to use sunglasses and something to protect your head. When the sun is very intense, it is best to bring umbrellas. Also, use fresh footwear, which does not hinder perspiration.
  • Use aloe vera: You can freeze a few crystals of aloe vera, in the form of small cubes. If you feel burning in the skin, or notes that it is very dry, rub it with them. Calm and cool.


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