How to Stop an Addiction to Sports Betting


Online platforms such as SBOBET have made it easy for anyone, anywhere to place bets on their favourite sports. However, some unlucky patrons abuse these platforms and become compulsive gamblers, sinking into heavy debt and leaving destruction in their wake. Compulsion leads to addiction to the “high” of sports betting, and the only way to stop it is to curb the habit. 

The road to quitting an addiction is long, but the healing always starts with the realisation that you have an addiction. Stopping your sports betting addiction is all about self-control. If you are strong mentally, you can overcome your addiction. 

The following tips will set you on the right path to stop an addiction to sports betting:

Control Your Urges

Addiction to smoking, drugs, alcohol, or gambling starts with uncontrolled urges. The head says stop, but everything else beckons to the addictive behaviour. 

While you can’t completely eradicate the urges, you will need to find a way to recognise the trigger and stop yourself:

  • Try to relax. Close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. Focus solely on your breathing and nothing else.
  • Engage yourself in activities that take your mind off gambling. It might be something that keeps you active, like going to the gym, running, or playing a sport. Cooking, watching TV, or any other daily task should keep you occupied.

You should also keep the benefits of not gambling in your mind. Focus on how you can save the money you don’t gamble away, so you and your loved ones can enjoy a nice vacation. These diversions serve as positive reinforcement, and further help you curb your urges.

Limit Your Access To Money

Without access to money, you can effectively control how much you spend. A smart way to do this is to give your wallet to someone you trust every time you have an urge to gamble.

Remove all financial information you have stored on your computer and mobile devices so that you can’t sneak away and place bets.

You can’t place bets if you have no currency–once the urge passes, you can take back your wallet.

Seek Professional Help

If you’ve tried controlling your addiction to no avail, it is time to seek professional help. Numerous rehab centres help people with all types of addiction, including gambling. 

You may also look for a centre in your area that provides proper care and medication to treat your addiction, but keep in mind that these are often expensive. 

Stopping an addiction is a challenge that requires a lot of dedication from the addict. It is far better to control how much you gamble from the start so that it doesn’t become a problem. 

While the high you get from gambling (and specifically winning) may be fun, it can be dangerous, leading you into debt and many other issues. It’s why platforms such as SBOBET continually prompt users with warning signs to gamble responsibly.


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