Gang Leader Collection Day 6 / 6th Day Box Office Collections – Nani , Vikram Kumar


It is only been five days that the film Nani’s Gang Leader has released and no doubt, it has set the box office on fire. The film that is written and directed by Vikram Kumar, has not left any chance to entertain the audience with its simple, well-written, and comedy story.

The film is getting a positive response to such an extent that even weekdays could not affect the full occupancy of theatres over all the Telugu states.

Gang Leader Movie Poster

Gang Leader Day 6 Collection

As already mentioned, the film is experiencing a huge occupancy over all the theaters in Telugu states. Even on weekdays, the film experienced an average occupancy of eighty percent in Telugu states, thus resulting in good box office collection even on the working day.

Gang Leader Day 6 Worldwide Box Office Gross Collection 

In Nizam alone, the film has collected Rupees 2.1 crores with a share of Rupees 1.4 crores while it has collected Rupees 3 Crores with a share of Rupees 2.3 crores in both Nizam and Andhra Pradesh.

In Karnataka, the film has made a collection of Rupees 0.5 Crore with a share of Rupees 0.3 crores.

In the United States of America (USA), the film has collected Rupees 0.5 Crores with a share of Rupees 0.32 crores while in the rest of the world, the collection has been Rupees 0.6 Crores with a share of Rupees 0.35 crores.

Thus, the total sixth Day Box Office Gross Collection of the film comes out to be Rupees 6.7 Crores with a share of Rupees 4.6 crores.


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