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In this era, people are more driven to reality shows, serials, and web series. They are continually looking forward to the best platform to satiate their urge to watch their favorite shows and movies. Every movie enthusiast searches for a good platform where he or she can watch videos for free without expensing any penny on its subscription. FMovies offers this feature with flair to its users, where they can enjoy watching their favorite shows. 

Movies and shows can be downloaded for free from this website. The FMovies website hosts an array of shows and movies which are liked by its users. 

About FMovies 

FMovies is an online website or app which incorporates all types of movies of different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. Movies and shows are present in various formats on which the users can choose to download their movies and shows. The platform offers live streaming of movies and shows. FMovies is regarded as the best place to download movies and shows of Bollywood, Tollywood, and English genres. 

History Of FMovies 

FMovies was created by the name of Torrentfreak in the year 2016 and it was blocked in the same year in December by Google. 

FMovies site can be easily approached by just entering relevant links in the address bar of any browser on your device. FMovies was started very early in the market and has gained popularity in less time. FMovies site has a huge rate of traffic, which makes this site one of the top-rated ones. 

The Hindi dubbed movies from Malayalam, and the Tamil language can also be watched here on this site. This is one of the greatest regions for the increasing popularity of FMovies. 

The website of FMovies also shows all versions of movies that are listed for download like it is in HD quality, DVD rip, Bluray, or other resolutions. The users can choose their desired resolution and download it from here. 

The FMovies app is not a reliable site but can provide its users with an array of movies and shows. They can easily download their favorite movies from here and watch it. Moreover, navigation is straightforward and quite comfortable for every type of user. At last, FMovies can be considered for viewing and downloading shows. 

Popularity Of FMovies

The Website has been ranked 1284 all across the globe by as of April 2020. is a website that rates websites based on various factors such as global users and daily traffic. As per, FMovies has lost its popularity and its rank came down from 1055 to 1284 within 90 days. 

Criminal Charges On FMovies

ABS-CBN filed a lawsuit against FMovies in 2017 which was lost by FMovies and they had to submit the compensation fine of $210,000. A year later, the website FMovies was found guilty of helping other piracy websites like The Pirate Bay and a few others. Ten months after this a Swedish ISP, Telia Company was ordered to block the website. During the same time, the website was reported by the Motion Picture Association of America along with other piracy websites to the Government of the USA. 

As of the year 2019, the website was working with two to three different domains but the location of the website remained hidden. 

How Does It Work? 

FMovies is a free downloading movie site that is operated by some people from undisclosed locations. They keep on updating features of the site to suit their user’s choice. To make money out of Live streaming or downloading, they use different ad networks. 

Users can visit the active link of the website and explore your choice of movies and shows in it and download it. 

FMovies’s Recent Leaks 

FMovies are good at uploading the latest releases of movies on its site. The FMovies website is known for its last uploads of the film just after the theatrical release. 

Some of the recent releases of movies are as follows: 

  • Dreamgirl 
  • NGK 
  • Ip man 4 
  • Underwater 
  • Cats 
  • The witcher 
  • 1917
  • Super 30 
  • Pagalpanti 
  • Bala 
  • Baahubali 
  • Avengers endgame 
  • Bigil 
  • Petta 
  • 2.0 
  • Comali 
  • Adithya Varma 
  • 96 
  • Ratsasan
  • Super deluxe 
  • Kaala 

Market Worth of FMovies

According to the daily traffic and users and the global rank given by Alexa website about FMovies, has approximated that the estimated worth of the piracy website FMovies is around $96,500,000. The website gets around 1,158,840,000 views annually. It has been estimated that FMovies hinders the movie business of around $17,381,520 by leaking the movies right after their release. 

Is FMovies Safe? 

Did you know that each year the film industry suffers a loss of nearly 1800 crores because of piracy? Moreover, piracy is a crime. According to the Indian Constitution, if you are a proven convict of piracy, then you may have to bear jail for six months to 3 years. Moreover, you may have to pay a fine of INR 50,000 to nearly INR 2 Lakhs. Hence, you must not support piracy at all.

Is it not all safe to download movies and shows from FMovies as they are pirated ones and against the law of the country? Moreover, the ad network of FMovies steals information of users during the download process. Downloading movies and shows from such sites like FMovies should not be encouraged as they are completely unsafe. 

Is FMovies legal? 

No, downloading or watching movies in the FMovies site is not legal at all. If anyone continuously uses the FMovies site can land up to severe conditions. Moreover, the fellow user will be charged as per the anti-piracy law. 

The website is originally from Vietnam, and as per the government of the country, the FMovies site is designated illegal by them. 

Legal Alternatives To FMovies Website 

FMovies are not regarded as legitimate websites for downloading of movies and shows. It is one of the torrent websites which illegally uploads all films and shows. So, it is not advised to people for the downloading process. Instead, they should look for other alternatives that are legal and can be used for the downloading process. 

Here is the list of sites which you can use to stream movies and tv shows:

Categories of movies leaked by FMovies 

There are plenty of movies and shows which are leaked by the FMovies site. The list is as follows: 

  • Hindi movies 
  • Telugu movies 
  • Tamil dubbed movies 
  • Malayalam movies 

Specialties of FMovies site 

There are some unique features or specialties of this FMovies site which is offered to its users. Some of the features are listed below: 

  • The FMovies site is all free. Users can download their movies and shows in this app for free and can watch it later or whenever they desire. 
  • FMovies site is the updated one with all the bugs fixed from its previous versions to offer its users a great view and smoother streaming.
  • The website is all set with fast servers, which help in the quick streaming of movies and shows in the app. Users can download their stuff at fast speed.
  • The user interface of the FMovies site is straightforward and friendly. Users can efficiently operate the app with simple steps.
  • The FMovies app operates efficiently on any of the smartphones.
  • The website gives users an option to download movies in various qualities like 360p, 480, 720p, 1080p. It Provides the flexibility of choice to users.


We do not support these websites, which are pirated and unlawful. These websites are not at all helpful to the users as it is against the law and have the potential to lead its users to something awful. 

The contents, as mentioned above, are only mentioned to make people aware of these websites like FMovies, which are not regarded as legal, and people should avoid it. 


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