Famous Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling


Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are known to be extravagant, from driving the latest high-end cars, to owning big houses in the prettiest islands of the world. Some have managed to balance their public lives on cameras with gambling. While not all of them are pros in the game, some have actually perfected the art, and will be found in the most popular casinos doing what they do best off the scenes. We’ll look at some of the top celebrities who enjoy gambling for fun.

#1. Charlie Sheen

Remember him from the popular sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’? Charlie Sheen was a gambler since his teenage days. There is no doubting his sense of humor in the several comedies he has performed in, but according to his ex-spouse, Charlie would spend about $20,000 weekly on gambling. It wasn’t much money to spend on gambling for a man who was earning so handsomely per episode in one of the best comedy series of all time.

#2. Ray Romano

Without judging Ray from his role in the popular TV series ‘Men of a Certain Age’ where he played as a middle-aged lad addicted to gambling, he is a gambler in real life. As a matter of fact, he was selected for the role to reflect on what he did in real life. Fortunately for Ray, he has been able to manage his professions, but even though he still gambles, it is strictly about sports betting.

#3. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a big name in Hollywood following his trophy-laden career as an actor, screenwriter, and movie director. Despite all his exploits on the big screen, Ben also had interests in gambling. He has maintained controlled levels of gambling for the better part of his adult life, he has previously won the 2014 California State Poker Championship. His favorite game is Blackjack.

#4. Tobby Maguire

Tobby Maguire, known mainly for his role as The Spiderman star has managed to balance his acting and gambling admirably. He learned his gambling trade from a former Poker World Series player, Canadian Daniel Negreanu. Tobby himself has won more than $10 million in poker tournaments. Not bad from a second career.

#5. 50 Cent

The popular U.S actor and rapper does not hide his love for gambling. He did bet $2 million on Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao, and again, $500,000 on a championship match pitting New York Giants and Francisco 49ers. Lucky for him he won both, which gave him quite some profits. 


Other celebrities who love gambling

Other notable figures with an eye for gambling include Derren Brown, Matt Damon, Victoria Coren-Mitchel, Pamela Anderson, Michael Phelps, Michael Owen, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods. 

It is easy to notice that the above list is made up of people who have made it in their respective careers, and have taken interest in gambling as their secondary leisure careers. They may not all have led exemplary lifestyles, but it is important to understand that these were, or are icons in their own game. They had the cash to spend.


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