Darbar Day 19 Collection – Darbar 19th Day Collections at Box Office | Rajinikanth, A.R. Murugadoss


No one can imagine a Rajani Movie without jawdropping action. Whatever his age is, this man should be honored for his hard work for each movie. Yet, Durbar is doing below average in the box office. The movie has nothing new to offer to the audience. The same old story.

The elements that are mandatory for each diehard fan of Rajani everywhere are Killing Dialogue and a grand ending where the hero succeeds with flying colors. The movie failed in both. While the farfetched action isn’t pleasing for the viewers outside Tamilnadu.

Darbar Collections

The movie is directed by AR Murugadoss and production is done by Allirajah Subaskaran. Darbar production budget comes around 180 Crores. After the advertising of 20 Crores, the total budget came up to 200 Crores. The movie was initially released in 4000 screens all over India and in 2500 Screens overseas in Tamil Telugu and Hindi.

Darbar Week-wise Box Office Collection Worldwide

  • Week 1 Gross Collections: 120.90cr.
  • Week 2 Gross Collections: 25.7 Cr.

Darbar Net Collections: 147.7 Crores.

Darbar 3rd Week Day-wise Box Office Collection 

  • Day 16: 1.10 Cr.
  • Day 17: 1.30 Cr.(Rough Data)
  • Day 18: 1.35 Cr.(Rough Data)
  • Day 19: 1.05 Cr. (Rough Data)

Language-wise Net Collections

  • Tamil: 127.80cr.
  • Telugu: 14.25cr.
  • Hindi: 3.35cr.

A steady decline in the collection records can be noticed as each day progresses. Yet weekends manage to collect a slightly better record than the weekdays. Evidently the negative reviews that the movie gathers from the beginning are the contributing factor.

NOTE: The collection records are approximate and cannot be taken for any official studies. It’s only presented for reference purposes.


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