Darbar Day 18 Collection – Darbar 18th Day Collections at Box Office | Rajinikanth, A.R. Murugadoss


The movie Darbar was released on 9 January 2020 and today has been the 18 days since its release but its still making collections at the box office. We have published its Box office collection from Day 1. If you want you can check them out and see how its performing day by day. But if you are here to find out its Box office collection of Day 18, then you are at the right place.

The movie Darbar has been directed by A.R. Murugadoss and produced by Subaskaran Allirajah. The film stars Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Thomas, and Sunil Shetty in the lead roles. The movie has been made on a budget of 200 Crores INR.


The movie performed excellently at the box office on the first week afterward it started to slow down.

The box office collection of Darbar for Day 18 is given below:

Darbar Day 18 Box Office Collection

The day 18 box office collection of Darbar is 2.1 Crores in India.
The day 18 box office collection of Darbar is 3 Crores Worldwide.

(The numbers above have been researched and collected from different sources. They are just an approximate of the accurate numbers. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the numbers, they are just an approximate.)

Now Darbar has started to slow down. What do you think about this? Do you think Darbar will be able to come up in the 200 Crores Club? Do you think the amount of collection will increase in the coming days? Comment in the comments section below.


  1. U already knows the result 200cr what a hit. thalaivar movie are so special for most of them…. so pls dont compare any other actor with thalivar. Only one for ever rajini sir.

  2. How can yu ask it will increase in upcoming days it’s a thalaivar movie no one can beats rajini sir movie collection in box office wheater Vijay or Ajith & prabhas thalaivar will be in top nd darbar movie is one the most favourite movie from thalaivar nd upcoming news was darbar beats bigil & viswasam collection in box office it was a grand opening of 2020 thalaivar darbar movie will run till 50days or more than 50 but what ever darbar 25days celebration was coming up in chennai Rohini & Albert theatre..

  3. If theres something AR MUROGADASS can do better . Make things more clarifing and the movie a bit longer . That is with an estimated time of 3and half hours the movie might have some impactable touches that could make it hit more than 200Crose. A deeper related police investigation and the dark sides of the investigation with some touches in some scenes that can make the goosebumds go a bit wild. Infact using some experiences by refering to KAALA and KABALI of sharpening the edges of the villain from Kaala and the unique dark spouse Kabali with new and inovated ideas of making the movie a bit more darker by reffering with the latest movies like DC’s JOKER and THE RISE OF THE DARK NIGHT with IT could make the movie hit around an approxiemate number around 1000c and an eligable for an OSCAR AWARDS. Infact the movie is already doin its best and it is coming up with a current amount. All the best DARBAR

  4. First of all, how does anyone know if these figures are correct? Only the distributor and producer knows the actual collection and they won’t disclose it for obvious reasons. Anyone can dream up some numbers and publish it here.

    Besides that, so what if it collects 200 Cr? It doesn’t benefit anyone except the producer?


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