Converting an Arc Lighter into a Plasma Pen


When it comes to arc lighter, the people who are acquainted with smoking regularly are aware that the lighter is a massive upgrade over the conventional cigarette lighters. Arc lighters do not have the need to be ignited with the help of fuel to utilize an open flame. On the other hand, the lighter works by simply creating a miniature version of the electrical arc betwixt two distinctive electrodes. Technically, the electrodes are quite hot than the regular flame. The best part is that the arc lighter is completely windproof.

How to make Plasma Pens using Arc Lighters?

If you’re looking for a completely unique way to make your brand gain the presence that it needs then using the best arc lighter can be extremely beneficial for you and your brand. People across the world look after several DIYs which they can use to mark their presence. In addition to this, you can also curate your very own plasma pen from your hands and later you can show it off among your peers. To make a plasma pen, the first and the foremost thing that you need are a few brass rods, arc lighter and a few wires and then you’re all set to engrave on any surface using your custom-made plasma pen.

As mentioned earlier, you are going to need some brass rods alongside soldering iron. These things are extremely important if you want to make the connections perfectly. Then you can take a very short and compact length of wood which would act as the primary body of the pen. Then you’re going to have to put quite a little amount of hot glue alongside a little piece of a shrink wrap that would hold the plasma setup together.

Create a cutting-edge Plasma Pen with your own hands

People are aware of the way an arc lighter looks. In addition to this, they are well aware of how these lighter functions. Arc lighters are essentially electronic lighters that are quite identical to a small stun-gun. There are some pretty cool hacks that you can perform with Arc Lighters. If you want you can extend arc lighter’s electrode leads and then mount them right next to a sturdy wooden handle.

Once the set-up is completed, you’ll find that the spark gap is only 2mm. On the other hand, the resulting arc of the plasma pen is extremely hot and it can easily begin to char the wood with exquisite precision.

Nevertheless, you’ve to engrave on the wood extremely fast and if you fail to do so, then there is a highly likely chance that you’ll burn the wood. In addition to this, once the plasma pen starts working it will produce Lichtenberg figures. If a cutting-edge micro designed blow torch is all you need then this DYI will aid you in significant ways. However, make sure that you attach a small-scale brass tube alongside pinched-off snoot. Moreover, the nozzle is furthermore hooked to the aquarium pump as well as the aquarium pump.


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