Choosi Choodangaane Full Movie Download Leaked to Watch Online on Tamilrockers | Will The Film Survive This Leak?

Choosi Choodangaane which was released on January 31st got leaked online already. It is a Telugu Romantic comedy film starring Shiva Kandukuri, Varsha Bollamma and Malavika Satheesan in the pivotal roles. Sesha Sindhu Rao did the direction and writing of the movie. Under the banner of Dharmapatha Creations Raj Kandukuri did the direction of the movie.

Choosi Choodangane Full Movie Leaked On the First Day

Choosi Choodangane was leaked by Tamilrockers on the first day of the release itself. It is very much disappointing as it will cripple the Box-office collection potential of the movie from the very first day. Such fast piracy shows how much of a threat it is to the entire film industry. Now that the technology has penetrated to the nook and corner of the society, it’s getting harder and harder to stop it from leaking online.

It is common knowledge that any newly released movie will be available online within the first week itself. The astonishing fact is that many are more than ready to download the movies from piracy sites. The advent of Telegram with its groups with a lot of server space with great privacy made it more easy to access new movies.

Choosi Choodangane is a low budget movie and all the hard work that has been behind the movie is repaid solely by the box office success of the movie. We strongly recommend you to avoid supporting or doing piracy for the sake of the filmmakers and for yourself. Doing and supporting Piracy is a huge criminal offense.

The most suffering has to be endured by the producer. And the distributors of the movie will take the remaining blow. Hopefully, you can see now that how much harm does some simple clicks on your phone could make. Let us know your opinion below in the comments section.


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