Chhapaak & Tanhaji Day 18 Collection | Chhapaak & Tanhaji 18th Day Box Office Collections | Deepika Padukone, Ajay Devgn


Chhapaak and Tanhaji are two movies that are released at the same time in the Bollywood screens with high expectations. Chhapaak was released to portray the real events happened to an acid incident victim who has to face a lot of neglect from society. While Tanhaji is a 3D movie with a story about an unsung warrior.

When the Box office collection of each movie is concerned, Chhapaak is lagging a lot behind and cannot even be compared with Tanhaji. Tanhaji managed to get 15.10 Crore rupees on the release day itself. Rs 61.93 crore was the collection it got until the first weekend. While the third weekend saw a steady decline with only a total of 38.48 crores. Chhapaak, on the other hand, is neglected in the box office also but for different reasons.


The promotion technique adopted by the actress for the movie was to show how people look at an acid attack victim in real-life settings. Some considered this very cheap to use such a victim for promoting her movie.

Tanhaji Week-wise Collection Worldwide 

  • Week 1 Collection: ₹ 118.91 Cr
  • Week 2 Collection:₹ 78.54 Cr

Tanhaji 3rd Week Day-wise Collection Worldwide

  • Day 15: 6.95Cr.
  • Day 16: 9.52 Cr
  • Day 17: 13.08 Cr
  • Day 18: 4.70 Cr * may earn

Chhapaak Week-wise Collection Worldwide

  • Week 1 Collection          ₹ 28.38 Cr
  • Week 2 Collection          ₹ 5.85 Cr

Chhapaak 3rd Week Day-wise Collection Worldwide

  • Day 15:       0.50Cr. (Rough Data)
  • Day 16:       0.65 Cr. (Rough Data)
  • Day 17:       0.67 Cr. (Rough Data)
  • Day 18:       0.35 Cr. (May Earn)

NOTE: The data given are strictly for reference purposes and should not be taken as official data. This is intended for your understanding of how the movies are doing in the box office only.


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