Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Official Elimination Leaks – Ali Reza Eliminated ?


The recent reports suggest that Ali Reza has reportedly been elimination from the most controversial show in India, Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu. The superstar, Akkineni Nagarjuna helms the role of the host of the show. For a long time now, Ali Reza, the popular actor, and model was deemed as one of the strongest contestants in the show.

The sources suggest that Ali Reza is the significant “six-pack person” in the third season of Bigg Boss Telugu. However, it seems tragedy befell on the Ali Reza, and he has been eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss Telugu.

This time Reza could escape from his fate

So quite some time now, Ali Reza has been surviving the game without having to face any elimination since the show began. The contestants who nominated Ali Reza for elimination were Varun Sandesh, Vithika Sheru, Mahesh and Baba Bhaskar. The reason why the contestants nominated Reza from the show was that he was a poor listener.

ali reza

There was a surprising twist during the nomination special episode this week. Shilpa Chakravarthy, the new wild card contestant of the show, also nominated Reza. During the nomination, Shilpa Chakravarthy said that Ali Reza needs to face the nomination at least once in the show.

The nomination by Shilpa trigger the event of Reza being sent home

The sources are suggesting that the reason for nomination that came from Shilpa had triggered the untold truth in the third season, i.e., Ali Reza has never been nominated. By the looks of it, the elimination of Ali Reza is a severe blow for Srimukhi who uses Reza as the significant weapon during the physical tasks.

On the other hand, in the sixth week, Ali Reza was also caught up with a small argument with Hema, Himaja and Baba Bhaskar. The audience got to know about the aggressive side of Ali Reza for the first time on Television.


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