Bigg Boss Marathi 2: Why Rupali Bhosale Got Eliminated From The House?


After spending seventy days in the house of Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2, the competition among the contestants has increased. Likewise, a shocking elimination has taken place from the Bigg Boss house. Actress Rupali Bhosale, who is considered a contender for the title, has been dropped from the competition.

The Big boss is in the race for the grand final of the remaining ten contestants. It is not yet clear how many contestants will be included in the grand finale. But last year, as many as six contestants will be included in the grand final. Rupali Eliminate, who is considered a contender for the title of Bigg Boss, has shocked the audience as well as the contestants.

This week, Veena Jagtap, Heena Panchal, Aroh Velankar and Rupali Bhosale were nominated. Abhijeet and Neha had the right to safeguard their members. Abhijeet rescues Kishore and Shiva while Neha saves Shivani in the nomination task.

It was speculated that the mount, which is a wild card contender, would be shown to be an outlier. But Rupali’s journey to ‘Big Boss Marathi’ house has come to an end.

Heena Panchal Safe 

After leaving the house, Mahesh Manjrekar gave Rupali a chance to safeguard a member. Initially, Rupali was close to Kishore and Veena. For the past two weeks, Shivani and Neha had had a special meeting with her. She also had friendship with Shiva and Abhijit Kelkar. But apart from all this, it is surprising that Rupali directly defended Hina.

Rupali avoided meeting Veena

Rupali is said to have avoided meeting Veena while taking a nap at the Bigg Boss house. In fact, KVRP groups like Kishori, Veena, Parag, and Rupali were seen in the Big Boss house initially. But all four clashed for some reason due to disputes of the group. Veena got close to Shiva. Later he joined Vaishali, Abhijeet.


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