Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma and Sakshi Nominated


In the 6th week of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, five housemates have been nominated for elimination. Those five contestants are Abhirami, Kavin, Madhumitha, Reshma and Sakshi. One of these contestants has to leave the Bigg Boss house this Sunday.

The elimination will be based on voting done by the audience. So here’s is how you can vote for your favorite contestant to save them from elimination. Check out the below guide to know how to vote.

Here’s How To Save Your Favorite Contestant By Voting

There are two ways to vote for your favorite housemate. One is through Hotstar app and other is by giving the missed call to the number allotted to each candidate. We will let you know how to do both.

Voting Through Hotstar

Follow the below steps to vote for your favorite candidates on Hotstar App:

  • First, you have to download the Hotstar app on your phone. You will find the app in the Play Store (Andriod) as well as App Store (Apple).
  • After installing the app, you have to sign up with your Email or Facebook account.
  • Once you sign up, you will be having your own account.
  • Then, you have to enter the words ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’ in the search bar of the app.
  • And the Bigg Boss Telugu show will appear on the screen.
  • There, you have to click on the ‘Vote’ button in green color.
  • You will be given 50 votes, you can distribute them among your favorite candidates.


  • If you click on a candidate once, that is considered as one vote, to vote all 10 votes, you have click 50 times on the candidate.
  • And after clicking 50 times, your voting is done.

Note: Your votes will expire at 12 AM each night. Make sure you vote before that time.

Voting By Giving Missed Call

A number is allotted to each contestant in the house. To vote and save them, you have to give a missed call to that number. Here are the numbers that are allotted to each contestant.

  • Abhirami: 836 7796 801
  • Kavin: 836 7796 804
  • Madhumitha: 836 7796 806
  • Reshma: 836 7796 809
  • Sakshi: 836 7796 810

To increase the chances of saving your favorite contestant from elimination, you can do voting through both Hotstar and by giving a missed call.


    • It’s a trigger guys r ther so u wont to watch&observe the point Madhu & reahma this 2guys trigger to all personal problem so pls nominated to reshma or madhumita Kavin ,& shakshi is closed area so they were some hate & feeling so again & again problem ma Sona avangalu manasu hate pannum so pls this 2 guys. Nominated punuga

  1. Kavin you are a fraud but all social media say shakshi is fraud .The voting is not given to hotstar.vijay TV why u stop in high boss vote

  2. Kamal Sir….. Neenga Shakshi Panra thappa Kandipa Indha Week Ellarukkum Sollanum Sir… Kavin Shakshi ya Love Panrenu Sollave illa and Shakshi um Love Panrenu Sollaveilla appadi irukum pothu shakshi ethuku over acting panra……

  3. Shaksi aluthe ellaraium emathuranga unmaiya love panrangana ethukkaga avanga kavin na santhegam paturanga ella problem ku shaski mattume karanam kavin is bad ithukkaga avanga sry kettachu but shaski aluthu scene creat pannuranga eliminate shaski

  4. Kamal Sir….. Neenga Shakshi Panra thappa Kandipa Indha Week Ellarukkum Sollanum Sir… Kavin Shakshi ya Love Panrenu Sollave illa and Shakshi um Love Panrenu Sollaveilla appadi irukum pothu shakshi ethuku over acting panra…. please get the solution

    • Dear Srinu,
      how to confirm that they never convey their love?24 hours activities, they short to 90 min only. They are not telecast all content. Might kavin do wrong with her, that’s why shaksi is angry. Maybe kavin cheat her and tell that is only for create new content. I think this is stupid thing ever.

  5. Avanga other state people but kavin tamiladhane sense illa paradesi
    Padukarathukku pai kuduthu anthem paiyla neeya padutha eppadi naye.

  6. Eliminate Kavin he is creating some scenes and portrait Sakshi only doing mistake. I understood mistake with Sakshi also, but Kavin playing with her feeling and creating scenes too much.

  7. To,UN…sir vanakam

    Sir,kavin yarukide peesanum palaganum athu kavin virupam…yen syakshi chuma lossliya parthu pooramai pidukira…Vj TV.. kindly let’s shakshi go out and full STOP for this topic….

  8. Kamal sir please play vanitha interview video about shakshi and kavin relationship because she is damaging true relationship and kavin

    • Please eliminate shakshi..she is blaming kavin and los to show her as a gd person.if she had problem with Kevin means tats her problem..she has no rights to say Kevin to dnt talk wit los..everyone in d biggboss house were supporting shakshi its nt fair.kamal sir,u should reveal d truth about shakshi.

  9. Kavin entha thavarum seiyavillai appatiye seithirunthalumkuda pala murai mannippu kettachu eniyum saksi vittukkul erukkanuma?????

  10. Kavin plays sakshi emotional feelings… Kavin oly have to leave the house… Every girl would feel and hurts as like sakshi… U members dint think from sakshi’s place… Problem panravanga kannuku therithu.. problem create panavanga kannuku therla.. y guys….

  11. I dnt like shakshi… Ana oru pennuna ava feel panurathu crct than… Ava possesive la iruka… Ithu ellarukum vara feelg than…. Ava feelg ku kavin respect kuduthurakunum…. Avan atha pannala avan losliya Kitta rmba pannitan…ithu kavin oda periya thappu….

  12. Please eliminate sakshi .
    Ava romba problem pannurangha.
    Ava full acting ta. Ava kavin ne eliminate pannaradukagha nadikira

  13. It’s a trigger guys r ther so u wont to watch&observe the point Madhu & reahma this 2guys trigger to all personal problem so pls nominated to reshma or madhumita Kavin ,& shakshi is closed area so they were some hate & feeling so again & again problem ma Sona avangalu manasu hate pannum so pls this 2 guys. Nominated punuga

  14. There is nowhere Kavin proposed Sakshi. Talking to someone or not is an individual decision. And given 5 days time for healing process is of no use, its 5 weeks now and the topic is only about sakshi. She is just playing a game, being a girl doesn’t mean yo take a guys trip and people will support. Housemates are fit for backbitching.. Sakshi is just using her fake tears to gain sympathy. Im glad kavin realized her game play. If sakshi is thrown out, things will fall in place.

  15. Kamal uncle- Save Kavin . Sakshi is simply annoying and i dont really think that she really loved Kavin. If she does, she wont be acting like this. Yenneke kedaikathe the yaarekume kedaike kudathe ne solerange. Not fair.
    & Tharsan asked Kavin – 2am melle yen friendship vendii irekene. This is really ridiculous, friendship ke neram kalam irreka? does this mean that a girl & guys not suppose to talk at 2pm as a friend? No one was talking to Kavin expect for Sandy & Los and try to comfort him. I dont see anything wrong for him to talk to Los. Sakshi making this an issue just because she is not happy about it and felt jealous.

  16. Kavin um losliya um pesuna shakshi ku enna? Kavin shakshiya love panranu sollave illa. Kavin enna shakshi purusana village. Avaga rendu perum pesuna ivaluku enna. Summa summa prblm Crete panradhu shakshi avala elmnt panni veliya thorathuna sari.. shakshiya parkave irrtng a iruku biggboss parka irrtng a iruku indha shakshi naala.

  17. Hey guys!! Shakshi really paavam.. Losliya tha over ah panranga..she’s fake..ava real face kaata marukira.. please do support Shakshi. She’s mentally disturbed cuz of her feelings towards Kavin

  18. Losliya Kevin kitta pesunalu palakunalum enna thappu sakshi kavine unnmaiya ninaichchiruntha intha alavu pechchanai pannirukka matta sakshi eliminate aitunum pechchanai mudinjitunnum

  19. Sakshi don’t act too much thr is no need of acting so much emotionally becoz all mistakes is urs and blaming kavin and losliya if thy both talk y r getting jealous ur the fraud don’t try to act becoz everyone knows ur original face bigg boss pls eliminate sakshi …….becoz for her mistakes she is blaming losliya and kavin that’s not fair

  20. Sakshi tries to imitate Oviya in the love affair. But she is nowhere near 0viya who won the hearts of the viewers by her frank speech and sweet voice.Let the cunning lady Sakshi go out.

  21. Shakshi is manipulating things, she wants to show herself good in a way damaging Kavin and Los characters. She just being selfish saying she got hurts alot. Pls eliminate her

  22. y u fight? bigboss is a script show. As per the Director instructions actor has been acting so people dont fight between their

  23. Sir please shaksii oru fraud girl .Kavin sir sryyy kettu ye iptiii paithiyam maathiri pesanum plz inthe week ava panninee fraudu ellathayum kaamikkanum.apaiyathum makkalukku puriyuma nu pakkalam

  24. சரவணன் ஏதோ பெரிதாய் சாதித்தது விட்ட மாதிரி பேசுகிறார். சேரன் பக்கத்தில் கூட போக முடியாது. வேஸ்ட். உடனே வெளியே அனுப்புங்க. அதிலிருக்கும் பெண்கள் வெட்கம் கெட்ட பிறவிகள்.

  25. Shakshi eliminate pannunga mammal sir.Enga Anna Kavina ronba Richard anita insha panning.So cute pair candy loss kavin than.

  26. Sakshi is not good from the day she is cunning. Kavin is good now he is understand her character. We love Kavin and losliya.

  27. Ya I agree that Shakshi is over acting but if a girl love someone and he also see the same feeling towards her, then obviously she will be possessive when her BF talk close with other girl, its human nature. Even Los antha place la irunthalum athutha nadakum. Night two people as a friend ha pesunathu thappu illa and Dharshanum atha mean pannala ana antha situation la pesunathu tha thappu because shakshi antha problem irunthu velila varanum nu try pannathala tha kavin and Los kitta vanthu “ninga pesikurathula problem illa” sonnanga. she trying to heal her but not fully healed because avanga heal agiruntha night la thoongama irunthuruka maatanga. And avanga kavin kitta first maathiri irukalamnu sonnanga apadi paatha first la kavin all three girls kitta close ha pesuva. Los kitta pesuva but avalo illa.Shakshi kitta tha night la pesuva. Apadi iruka solla …odanea los kitta romba close ana yeanna meaning. avanga pesunathu friendly ha atha I agree but Dharshan keata apo “na poiduva nu feel achu and shakshi close ha illa so lost ha avakitta na naraya pesuna nu sonna” my question is ‘athunala tha pesunana athuku night thookam vitta poi pesanumnuillaiyea atha kalila kuda pesirukalamea!! yanamo anikea poramari yea ivalo scene??already ponnunga ala tha problem vanthuchu avanuku apo konjam time viturrukanum and yeallarkittayum general ha jolly ha first maathiri nadanthurukanu so avanum and yeallarum antha issue la complete veliya vanthurupanga or Los kitta pesura mari yeallarkittaiyum or atleast avan friend ha ninaikura Sandy kitta pesirukanum.athavittutu Los pinnadiya pona yeappadi. I agree with sandy for what he said to Kavin. Kavin must to be given space for both girls, he need to treat both girls as equal. neathu varikum oruponnukita close ha irunthutu inaiku another girl athuvum yaarukuda problem vanthucho avangalodavea na then its not fair…

  28. சரவணனை உடனடியாக வெளியேற்ற வேண்டும். ஏன் என்றால் 1999ஆம் ஆண்டு சேரனிடம் பட வாய்ப்பு கேட்டு கொடுக்க வில்லை என்பதை கூறுகிறார். இதை வைத்து பார்த்தால் பகை உணர்வோடுதான் விளையாடுகிறார் சரவணன் என்று வெளிச்சம் போட்டு காட்டுகிறது…
    சரவணனை உடனடியாக வெளியேற்றவும்…..


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