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Malayalam superstar Mohanlal movie, Big Brother which is directed by the excellent filmmaker Siddique was released on January 16, 2020. Even though it was a failproof combo when the cast and crew are concerned, the plot got a lot of mixed reviews from the audience and the critics as well. Amidst all this, the makers have revealed the Box office collection record of the Big Brother.


Big Brother Box Office Collection

Within the first four days itself, the movie has already crossed the 10-crore mark. With that, the first weekend was over for the movie. According to the movie’s social media handles, it has crossed exactly 10.5 Crores in worldwide collection within the 4 days.

When the performance of the movie is concerned, it is delivering an extremely poor show even with such a great actor as Mohanlal himself as the lead. His previous movie Ittimani: Made in China which was a very average movie also managed to gross very well in the box-office. The movie Big Brother is only capable of getting the praise of diehard fans. The Malayali audience is not fond of flying lead roles who have superhuman capabilities. Logic and a fair story are important to please the Mallus.

Big Brother Day 9 Box Office Collection (Day-wise)

  • Day 1 [1st Thursday]: ₹ 6.80 Cr
  • Day 2 [1st Friday]:     ₹ 0.70 Cr
  • Day 3 [1st Saturday]: ₹ 0.80 Cr
  • Day 4 [1st Sunday]:   ₹ 0.85 Cr
  • Day 5 [1st Monday]:  ₹ 0.30 Cr
  • Day 6 [1st Tuesday]:  ₹ 0.27 Cr
  • Day 7 [1st Wednesday]:₹ 0.23 Cr
  • Day 8 [2nd Thursday] :₹ 0.20 Cr
  • Day 9 [2nd Friday]:      ₹ 0.30 Cr

This is the unofficial collection record available now. It is not matching with the number revealed by the filmmakers. The big Brother movie was made with a budget of  30 Crore rupees. Unofficial records reveal that the movie was able to collect 6 Crore overseas collections.

NOTE: The box office data is not entirely accurate as it is not officially revealed yet. This is strictly for your knowledge and is not for any official purposes.


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