Big Brother Day 8 Collection – Check Out Big Brother 8th Day Collections at Box Office | Mohanlal


Big Brother is able to collect income at the box office but it has less screen count which leads to less income. The film stars Mohanlal who is a Superstar in Malayalam Cinema. The Fans enjoyed the film. The film is rated as 3.7/10 by IMDb. The movie was theatrically released on 16 January 2020. Here is the day 8 collections of the film.

The film is expected to earn 0.50 on its day 8. And overall, the movie is expected to earn a total income if 10 Cr this week.

Big Brother poster

Day-wise Box Office Collections Of Big Brother

Day 1: 1.80 Cr
Day 2: 0.70 Cr
Day 3: 0.80 Cr
Day 4: 0.85 Cr
Day 5: 0.70 Cr
Day 6: 0.63 Cr (rough data)
Day 7: 0.50 Cr (rough data)
Day 8: 0.50 (rough data)

The movie is expected to collect its budget which is around 32 Cr before it vanishes from the theaters. And the film will be having a competition with Mammootty’s Shylock which is released today i.e, 23 January 2020.

The film’s screen count in India is around 350. Mixed reviews affected the film’s income at the box office. The film’s Net income at the box office as of now is around 10.5 Cr. Mohanlal is one of the Superstars in Malayalam cinema, the movie would collect its budget before it vanishes from the theaters.

165 minutes is the run time if the film. The movie was written, directed and produced by Siddique. The fans have enjoyed the film keeping aside the mixed reviews.


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