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In Kerala, a lot is going on this week. With the very average movie Big Brother of a very successful Mohanlal and Shylock from Mammootty, the fans of each actor are causing trouble for each other.

Big Brother is directed by Siddique and got to the theatre screens by January 16, 2020. Even with this success making combo the film failed to impress the lion share of audience and critics. With all this said, all are eager to see how well the movie is doing in the box office with these many issues.

Big brother

Big Brother Box Office Collection

According to the reports from the inside folk of the movie, Big Brother managed to cross the 10 crores mark by the first week itself. This information appeared on the social media handle of the movie with 10.5 crores within the first four days to be precise.

Even with such success making actors on the lead, the movie is doing quite poorly. Even Mohanlal’s last movie Ittimani: Made in China with an average story managed to score higher in audience headcount. It is a known factor that Mallu’s can’t be impressed with slow motion, a hero with superhuman capabilities in normal life and silly jokes.

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Big Brother Day 12 Box Office Collection

  • Day 1 [1st Thursday]: ₹ 6.80 Cr
  • Day 2 [1st Friday]:     ₹ 0.70 Cr
  • Day 3 [1st Saturday]: ₹ 0.80 Cr
  • Day 4 [1st Sunday]:   ₹ 0.85 Cr
  • Day 5 [1st Monday]:  ₹ 0.30 Cr
  • Day 6 [1st Tuesday]:  ₹ 0.27 Cr
  • Day 7 [1st Wednesday]:₹ 0.23 Cr
  • Day 8 [2nd Thursday] :₹ 0.20 Cr
  • Day 9 [2nd Friday]:      ₹ 0.30 Cr
  • Day 10[2nd Saturday]: ₹ 0.35 Cr
  • Day 11[2nd Sunday]:  ₹0.3 Cr
  • Day 12[2nd Monday]:  ₹ 0.20 Cr (Rough Data)

NOTE: This data is only for your reference and can’t be relied on for any studies on the movie.


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