Bayern basketball celebrate great party


Uli Hoeness was mighty proud of its champion basketball team. After the second title and the fifth overall, to the President of the FC Bayern promised a big Celebration, “the washed”.

The team of Coach Dejan Radonjic was already in the middle of a rush Party to a real Basketball Thriller. The title defenders won thanks to a famous comeback in the third final duel with ALBA Berlin 93:88 (76:76, 32:46) after extension and decided the final series with 3:0. Undefeated in Munich marched through the Playoffs. This was previously only managed Bayer Leverkusen (1991/92 and 1993/94), ALBA (1997/98 and 2001/02), as well as Brose Bamberg (2015/16). “Anyone who has seen the game, will care more for Basketball,” exulted Hoeness.

managing Director Marko Pesic fell Hoeness immediately after the end of the Game in the arms. “The team has eggs. We never gave up, no matter how it was”, said Pesic. As in the first two final games of ALBA forgave this and view the output location of the rich. “Although we have very many foreigners, as they have shown that they have the ‘Mia san Mia’ already internalized,” said Hoeness, with a view to the Association’s credo.

Front from left, Bayern’s Arjen Robben, Rafinha, Franck Ribery and Manuel Neuer lift the trophy to celebrate Bayern’s 7th straight Bundesliga title after the German Soccer Bundesliga match between FC Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt in Munich, Germany, Saturday, May 18, 2019. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader) ORG XMIT: MAS104

The Munich hope to be able to a similar to a dominant Phase, as the former series champion ALBA or, most recently, Brose Bamberg lie down. The second championship title of the piece and the strong season of hope. To do this, the FC Bayern wants to play in Europe even more. “I think that the team after the difficult Euroleague-played season, excelling in the championship. This shows that the character of the team is 100 per cent right,” said Hoeness.

The whereabouts makers of some of the performance is but open. The former NBA Pro, Derrick Williams announced after the decisive victory in the Bundesliga-final series against ALBA on Sunday evening that he would meet him in the next few days a decision. “You have to wait and see. If an offer comes from the NBA, it will be difficult. If none comes, then we have a Chance,” said Hoeness.

the outstanding wing player Vladimir Lucic is for the new season questionable. “I don’t know if I’m going to a club or here again sign,” said the 30-Year-old the German press Agency. “I want to stay here, that is clear. But it is the decision of the Association, whether he calls with Offers from other Clubs, to say so.”

The most valuable player of the Finals excellent Nihad Djedovic also has no contract for next season. The 29-Year-old with a German passport, however, is a whereabouts. “I’ve always said that this is my home.”


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