5 Important Signs that your kidneys aren’t functioning well


The kidneys are a very important part of our body since they are responsible for cleaning the excrete in the body.

As well as helping to balance the chemicals in the blood and produce hormones that help regulate blood pressure and produce red blood cells. However, when the kidneys do not work well, there are certain signs that can tell us.

A malfunction of the kidneys can cause discomfort, that stones occur in them and, ultimately, suffer. If the thing gets worse, you can go so far as to have to do without a kidney that is not working as it should be doing.

Signs that your kidneys not functioning well

Next, we will see some signs that manifest in the body when the kidneys do not work well. Attending all of them and going to the doctor as soon as they occur will help solve a problem that may worsen over time.

1. You feel more tired

feeling tired

Because the kidneys do not work well, our blood begins to not clean properly and there is a reduction in red blood cells because the production of hormones decreases. This makes you very vulnerable to suffer from some type of anemia.

When toxins accumulate in our body, when we have less oxygen, this will cause us to feel a great lack of energy that we will not know where it comes from. If you have these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

2. You have a problem with your skin

skin problem

The importance of the kidneys is so great that, in the event that they begin to malfunction, our skin will begin to be affected. Itching and certain rashes will begin to appear that we can confuse with mere allergies.

Before self-medicate taking any antihistamine, we go to the doctor. Why is our skin affected by the malfunction of the kidneys?

Because our body is not free of toxins and waste, so it begins to “intoxicate” and manifest problems of this kind to alert us that something is not right.

3. Change in your bathroom habits

frequent bathroom

If your kidneys do not work well, you will realize this as your urination will increase.

You will realize that a quarter of an hour after urinating, you feel like going to the bathroom again. Similarly, you need to pay attention to the quality of your urine. Is it foamy? If so, this may indicate that the kidneys are not working well.

Similarly, if we start to suffer from frequent urine infections, it may be much more than a normal urine infection.

4. Problems with menstruation

menstruation problem

Another sign that your kidneys are not working properly if you are a woman, is that you will begin to have irregular menstrual periods.

Suddenly, a period will not come or it will be extended too much, more than is due.

If the kidneys work badly, the hormones become unbalanced and this causes alterations of this type that help us to know that something is not working as it should.

Although these symptoms may not be pleasant, they can help us catch a problem that may get worse in time.

5. Muscle and headaches

Because the body is not cleansing and being “intoxicated,” unusual headaches and muscle aches may occur.

For example, cramps. This occurs because calcium and phosphorus levels due to kidney malfunction are very low.

On many occasions, it may also happen that you retain fluids.

What will result in swollen and sore legs, feet and ankles. Each and every one of these problems is shouting the same phrase “go to your trusted doctor.”

Have your kidneys ever malfunctioned? Have you had any of these symptoms and have not seen a doctor?

A malfunction of the kidneys can prove fatal, as well as threatening our health in many ways as we have seen.

All these symptoms are nothing more than an alert for us to go to the doctor.

Before any alarm signal, do not hesitate. It is better to ensure that everything is fine and give a quick and effective solution to what causes you discomfort.


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